BlueTree Data Security, Cookie and Privacy Policies

Here we describe how we, BlueTree Website Design Limited, use information we hold about you or that you provide whilst using our web site.

Please do not use our site if you are not happy with our Privacy Policy, including our use of cookies, below.

We updated how we handle personal information on this page in April 2018 to take account of the EU General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR, in force from 25 May 2018.

Our Privacy Policy in a Nutshell

We keep a minimal amount of your private data, and it's very secure.

We use cookies in our client login procedure. We also use cookies to track visitor stats for marketing reasons, as input to our website’s continuous improvement programme.

We will never share any of your business or personal information with other organisations.

Data We May Collect

If you complete our contact form in full, including optional fields, you will provide:

  • Your name, company and job title;
  • Your email address;
  • other information you choose to give us in the free-form text box.

We also record the pages you visit on our site, though these are not usually traceable back to you personally.

What We Do with the Data

We may keep data you provide in our mailing list.

If you asked us to, or if we’ve done business with you, or taken part in a business negotiation, we may send occasional emails containing information about website-related issues, products or services. You may opt out of these emails by clicking a link in the mail.

Visitor tracking data we use to understand how people use our site so we can improve the visitor experience.

Your Personal Data is Secure

We store information we collect in secure locations, behind our firewall or in a secure, third-party service database (DropBox, Google Docs and MailChimp).

We promise not to share your data with any other organisation.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies,

  • to track the pages you visit on our website; we use the information to see how we can improve the site and the way it works
  • to run embedded videos hosted on YouTube

We don't store personal information in cookies. We don't use them for advertising. We don't share any of the information we store with anybody else.

Here's a full explanation of our cookie policy.

Links to Other Websites

When it seems useful, we provide links to other websites, such as the free, online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This does not mean that we recommend, vouch for, or have any control over the way these websites use your data. We don’t earn any money from these links.

Email Privacy

We may send you emails containing relevant information, provided we have obtained your data legally. We will provide a means to unsubscribe in each email.

And we promise not to send them too often, either.

You Control Your Personal Information

The heading hasn't changed, but we've updated the content in line with the GDPR, which comes into force on 25 May 2018.

We promise to treat all personal data with respect, and we’ll never knowingly share it with anyone else.

  1. We have compiled a list of all personal data we hold, so we know where it is.
  2. For people other than employees, the data we hold is limited to email addresses, phone numbers and, for some, postal addresses.
  3. We hold personal data securely on networked, password protected, personal computers. We use a little-known ISP, with a very strong network password.
  4. We also store personal data in “the Cloud,” where it’s held securely by reliable, global corporations.
  5. As of May 25 2018, we've started deleting contacts from our mailing list if the haven't confirmed they’d like to stay on it, unless we have a genuine reason not to.
  6. In future, we’ll collect personal data only if given permission, using encrypted pages and forms, and a Captcha for extra protection.
  7. We’ll do our best to avoid collecting data from minors.
  8. If you ask us, we'll send you a copy of the information we store about you. Please request it on this form. We’ll send it free of charge to the email address we have on file.
  9. If you want us to delete the data we hold about you, please ask on this form.
  10. All marketing mails we send have an unsubscribe link. We won’t send you more if you unsubscribe. From time to time, we delete unsubscribed contacts.
  11. If we become aware that any personal information we hold has been hacked or stolen from us, we’ll inform promptly all those affected and the Data Commissioner.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are happy to work under a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, if clients prefer. Our standard form commits both parties, client and provider, to keeping each other’s commercial data secret, and sharing them only with employees on a need-to-know basis.